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11 Aug, 2010
National Land Management Authority of Lao PDR enabled their capability of Low Elevation Aerial Photo and Photogrammetry Map Making.

20 July , 2008
Video of Takeoff and Landing of Blimp Type UAV are now available in YouTube

22 June , 2008
Blimp UAV flied over Vientiane Capital City of Lao.

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V Mode Limited


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About Us

V Mode Limited was foound in 2009 by a group of expertise on communication, aerial photoing, photogrammetry, geographical information system. We are specialized on UAV Industral and also aerial photo.

We have experience on delivery system to developing countries, and internationalize and exporting UAV related hardware, software, solutions from china. Our team have rich experience on integrating turn key solutions oversea. We offer different type of UAV product includeing Fixing Wing UAV, Rotate Wing UAV, and Lighter-than-air UAV for variant applications such as Aerial Photo, Surveilliance, inspection, marketing and etc.

Our solutions and service enable you to aquire on-demand, on-time, on-request detial level visual or multi-banded video and image data. We also provide the integrated solution to enable to the following up map making and analysis or planning.

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We offer on-site and/or on-line support on demand. Team of expertises on variant types of UAV, variant industries are standing-by to serve you with the help of our UAV Knowledgebase system.

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Our company cooperates with key academic reseach units in China and also South East Asia area on research and development UAV technology and also its integrated Solutions.

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Utilizing UAV to improve our life by simplifying the operation with integrating the right technologies and guiding it with the collective knowledgebase system is our believe.

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