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11 Aug, 2010
National Land Management Authority of Lao PDR enabled their capability of Low Elevation Aerial Photo and Photogrammetry Map Making.

20 July , 2008
Video of Takeoff and Landing of Blimp Type UAV are now available in YouTube

22 June , 2008
Blimp UAV flied over Vientiane Capital City of Lao.

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Our Solutions

We offer full range of standalone product and turn-key UAV Solution with our professional training service and post sell supporting.

Lighter-than-air UAV
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We offer hydrogen/helium blimp type UAV from 15m-20m and support flight height up to 1 km and 80km flight distance

Fixed Wind UAV
Blimp UAV

We offer varient fixed wing UAV from china and support runway takeoff, projection take-off, car-carrying take-off, runway landing, drop landing.

Rotate Wing UAV
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We supply gyro helicoper type UAV with supporting by single motor to 6 motors.

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